Toothpaste for whiter teeth

What is multifunctional whitening toothpaste?

Beconfident RD team spent several years together with world-leading dentists to develop the most complete and ingredient active toothpaste in the market. We targeted to develop a total toothpaste that is mutlifunctional solving several oral health issues. It should protect against tooth decay and plaque, strengthen the gums, remove stains, refresh the breath and make teeth whiter. Our clinical study prooves we have succeeded well. On top of the functionality we also want to add the right smell, taste and overall fresh feeling everytime you brush your teeth. We created therefore our unique 2 step flavouring systemâ„¢ - First you smell the tropic or exotic version which gradually after 30 seconds turns into a fresh mint taste - when you are done you fell both relaxed, energized, clean and very fresh. 4 flavors are available - one taste for each mode or occasion, as well as a "Sensitive" version with 3% Hydroxyapatitie. Our sensitive version is perfect versions when your teeth and gums have become temperature sensitive.
Today's lifestyle and speed can be stressful and therefore we want to make sure that the two minutes in the morning and evening will be a time for yourself to relax and enjoy. To energize you for the days missions or to relax you for a good nights sleep. Our special tip - is to take a little bit of extra time and add a zip of water after two minutes brushing and swirl around in your mouth additionaly during 30 seconds. These extra 30 secs are as important and effective as the two original minutes brushing. It will allow the ingredients to work at their peak of activity - doing all good for Your long term oral health.

Clinically proven effect

Multifunctional Toothpaste has undergone a study whose main goal was to test safety and efficiency. This new toothpaste contains a mixture of fluoride, potassium nitrate, calcium phosphate, zinc, carbon and calcium peroxide to give the user the best possible oral care. In addition, it contains White Activated Carbon that has a higher efficicency benefits vrersus the popular black activated carbon (Studies shows that "white coal", has surpassed it predecessor called black charcoal surpassing it in efficiency). White charcoal toothpaste like ours is is also more practical to use without sinks turning completely black. The goal was to test the safety and effectiveness of the product in a 4-week clinical trial, as well as to get feedback on the product. The study was conducted in accordance with the guidelines for good clinical practice and ADA Guidelines for testing toothpaste and tooth whitening products

Study shows:

1. Teeth become 2 shades whiter in 14 days and up to 4 shades in 28 days when brushing 2x / day

2. Fresh breath up to 8 hours which is significantly better than the market leader.

3. Proven safe for enamel with very low RDA (Relative Dentin Abrasivity) value compared to other toothpastes

4. Does not cause irritation of the gums or toothache / sensitivity

5. Make teeth whiter than the leading whitening toothpaste containing peroxide (Colgate Optic White)>

6. 21 out of 25 subjects saw results within a week

7. Beconfident Multifunctional Whitening toothpaste makes teeth whiter 60% better than market-leading "whitening" peroxide-containing toothpaste after 28 days of use

8. Post-use surveys show that users were very satisfied with the results and would recommend buying to a friend.

  • Sulfate Free
  • Paraben free
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty free
  • 98% natural
  • Can be used with electric or manual toothbrushes

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