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Right now -Touch-Up Cleaning Pen on orders over 20£! We all love the feeling of making a good deal so now you recieve the popular Touch-Up Clenaing pen, completely free of charge when you order above 20£. To whiten teeth with Beconfidents® teeth whitening is easy and safe. Our products are developed in Sweden and made in the USA, therefore, we always 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  • Peroxide - no side effects
  • Only 15 minutes per treatment
  • 100% safe for your enamel
  • Teeth whitening developed in Sweden
  • Free delivery - directly in your mailbox
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

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  • Premium Kit

    DUAL BURSTS OF ACTIVITY: Within the first few minutes of application, the Dual Boost gel first employs patented detergent technology (derived from coconuts) that lifts stains off of teeth rapidly, without pain and without damage to teeth.
    The detergent technology creates negatively charged ionic foaming bubbles that work via ionic attraction to lifts stain molecules away from teeth and also reduce teeth sensitivity associated with typical bleaching gels that dentists use. The product also has special sodium bicarbonate whiteners, solvents and wetting agents that that penetrate rapidly into teeth, and creates a second wave of whitening activity that begins to work after 8 minutes. The end user effectively receives two boosts of whitening activity, each time the gel is applied and this makes the product very efficient.
    • 2 x 10 ml Dual boost Gel
    • 1 x 15 ml Tooth Gloss for post whitening
    • 3 trays (one extra)
    • Instruction sheet and a shade guide.
    • App Download
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  • Teeth Whitening Start Kit

    Teeth Whitening Kit

    The Beconfident Teeth Whitening Kit is suitable for almost everyone who wants a brighter smile. Our Teeth Whitening Kit is 100% peroxide free and 100% enamel safe, perfect for all sensitivity types. A single treatment only takes 15 minutes and the kit includes everything you need to give Beconfident Teeth Whitening a try. Get a beautiful white smile at home with professional results that are sure to make you stand out from the crowd.

    Peroxide Free, Organic Ingredients

    Beconfident Home Teeth Whitening Kits are 100% peroxide free, produced from many natural and organic ingredients.

  • 1x .34 oz. Beconfident Whitening Gel (20 applications) 
  • 3x BeconfiDent original mouth trays
  • 1x Shade guide
  • 1x Instruction manual
Beconfident Teeth Whitening ‐ The Science The organic natural baking soda in the BeconfiDent formula (sodium bicarbonate) is the molecule that releases the CO- Free radicals that causes the whitening of teeth. Free radicals are released when salivary alkaline phosphatase (an enzyme from saliva) combines with some of the natural vegetable extracts in the gel, causing the baking soda to break down to release the bleaching radical (CO-) and natural salts. Learn More
  • Touch-Up Cleaning Pen (2 ml)

    The Beconfident Touch-Up Cleaning Pen is suitable for cleaning your teeth on the go or when you need a quick whitening top-up. The whitening pen removes stains from many culprits including coloured food, drink and smoking. The Beconfident pen is applied to the teeth using the brush making it the perfect whitening tool to target and remove stains from between teeth. Beconfident peroxide free teeth whitening pen is perfect for removing stains from between teeth, helping to maintain whitened teeth after using the Beconfident whitening kit or to use alongside Beconfident whitening treatments. Targeted teeth whitening for a beautifully enhanced whiter smile. Learn More
  • Teeth Whitening Mouth Trays

    Beconfident's original thermoform mouth trays are simple and easy to use. Place them in warm water and then mould them to the shape of your teeth, giving you an accurate fit when completing the whitening process. Beconfident mouth trays are of the highest quality and approved for professional use." - Dr. Martin Giniger, the undisputed leading expert in teeth whitening products formulation. They are simple and easy to use, place them in warm water and then mould them to the shape of your teeth, giving you an accurate fit when completing the whitening process. Learn More
  • Teeth Whitening Duo

    Two complete Teeth Whitening kits with teethitening for home use to a reduced price. Both kits contain the same things as our normal Start kit. Perfect when You want to whiten your teeth together with somebody else! Learn More

    Regular Price: $79.90

    Special Price $69.90

  • Startkit with Touch-Up Cleaning Pen

    Save money! With Beconfident Start Kit you get the smile you've always dreamed of quick and safe. The kit contains everything You need to get started. You get 10ml teeth whitening gel, 3 mouthtrays (one extra), shade guide, instructions and the Touch-Up Cleaning Pen Learn More
  • Teeth Whitening kit with Tooth Gloss

    Complete Teeth whitening Startkit with the popular ToothGloss which protects Your teeth against stains and giver your smile extra shine. The kit contains everything You need to get white teeth quick and safe. You get 10ml teethwhitening gel, 3 mouthtrays (one extra), shade guide, instructions and of course the ToothGloss Mint. Learn More
  • Teeth Whitening with two tubes

    Our popular Startkit with an extra tube of teethwhitening gel. The kit contains everything you need to get a white smile: three mouth trays (one extra), 2 tubes 10ml teethwhitening gel, shade guide and instructions. Learn More

    Regular Price: $85.90

    Special Price $69.90

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