Dual Foam Teeth whitening

Instead of toothpaste - brush 1 min - rinse + brush 2 min = only 3 minutes!

With Beconfident's Dual Foam Whitening you'll get a natural whitening effect. No trays are required and you do the treatment within 5 minutes per day. The treatment takes three weeks and the result will be the same as if you'd do it at a dentist. In essence; Beconfident Dual Foam is a revolutionary two-step System:
Step 1: Pump the cleaning foam on your toothbrush and brush your teeth for 1 minutes – then rinse. This is enough to lift stains off and clean your teeth.
Step 2: Pump Whitening foam onto your tooth brush and brush for 2 minutes. Don’t rinse.
Repeat morning and evening and continue for 21 days. This foam product replaces the normal toothpaste during this period. The product can be reused as often needed.
This peroxide free whitening system will gradually whitens your teeth and eliminates stains beneath the
surface. The Dual Foam system whitens teeth efficiently and is mess free without the need for mouth trays or strips. This 3-week process replaces regular toothpaste.

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