Teeth Whitening Start Kit

All you need for a white smile


Teeth Whitening Kit

The Beconfident Teeth Whitening Kit is suitable for almost everyone who wants a brighter smile. Our Teeth Whitening Kit is 100% peroxide free and 100% enamel safe, perfect for all sensitivity types. A single treatment only takes 15 minutes and the kit includes everything you need to give Beconfident Teeth Whitening a try. Get a beautiful white smile at home with professional results that are sure to make you stand out from the crowd.

Peroxide Free, Organic Ingredients

Beconfident Home Teeth Whitening Kits are 100% peroxide free, produced from many natural and organic ingredients.

  • 1x .34 oz. Beconfident Whitening Gel (20 applications) 

  • 3x BeconfiDent original mouth trays

  • 1x Shade guide

  • 1x Instruction manual

  • Beconfident Teeth Whitening ‐ The Science
    The organic natural baking soda in the BeconfiDent formula (sodium bicarbonate) is the molecule that releases the CO- Free radicals that causes the whitening of teeth. Free radicals are released when salivary alkaline phosphatase (an enzyme from saliva) combines with some of the natural vegetable extracts in the gel, causing the baking soda to break down to release the bleaching radical (CO-) and natural salts.

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